By: Reformist for Ethnic Chinese human rights in Indonesia (RECHRI)

Following your meeting with President Habibie, press conference and interviewed with TV station, we agree with you that the organized raping toward ethnic Chinese women should be investigated as soon as possible, however we are not agree with your accusation that there are certain group"golongan" which want to use the raping cases to dis-credit islam.

Because you had shown copy of the IndoChaos website ( front page excerpt taken from Washington Post and New York Times and specifically reading: " You must be raped because you are Chinese and non-muslim", we assumed that those certain groups which you accused might be America, Washington Post , New York Times or ethnic Chinese minority.

If you read the full articles of both papers, you would know that those papers got the information from eyewitnesses. It wouldn’t difficult to find graffiti wrote: " Chinese Dog"," Muslim" "Islamic" in front of the premises. Premises written "Muslim" wouldn’t be touched or sacked. From ordinary people stand point this could mean: Those associate with Islam are seen as friends, others are enemies.

We could be sure, nobody want to dis-credit islam in this case, not America, not those papers, not ethnic Chinese minority. Islamic theme might had been used by the riot and raping organizer to fuel the masses.

Therefore, we urge your esteem organization:

1.Actively involve in bringing the riot and raping organizer into trial. With your powerful organization, together with NGOs ( such as: Tim Relawan Untuk Kemanusiaan –; Yayasan Kalyanamitra –; Solidaritas Nusa-Bangsa – ) which already have full records of the 168 mass rape toward ethnic Chinese community, you could request the United Nation to investigate this high profile crime.

After the riot and raping organizer bring into justice, the world would know who the organizer are, and at that time Islam name would NOT be associated with the riot again.

2.Spreading the thinking to all the muslim in Indonesia ( i.e during the Friday service ),that all human being are son of Allah/God, therefore we should be friend with other people despite having different race, different religion. Looting, burning, raping are sin. Allah will punished those who loot, burn and rape.


Reformist for Ethnic Chinese Human Rights in Indonesia ( Rechri )

Note: For editor of Washington Post and New York Times, kindly publish this letter to your papers.


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